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The Conflab


It begins with an invite for 4 people. 

They join us for a meal. But . . . they are not just any 4 people. They are 4 people who are tired of the rise in intolerance since the EU Referendum. 4 people who would like to take part in an experimental process to do something about it.

4 people from diverse backgrounds that are curious about others and prepared for others to ask questions of them. 4 people who will invite new people into The Conflab, over time. 4 people who will test whether the power of the personal invite can build a new type of community that brings about an understanding and enjoyment of difference and diversity.

4 people with whom The Conflab begins.

If you live in and around Huddersfield and would like to know more about being one of the 4 please get in touch.


Phone:  Mandeep Samra on 07793 047220

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