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Ministry of Others aims to create a seat of power for difference. That is to say, we want to generate the kind of power that comes from curiosity, celebration, human interaction, shared experience and solidarity. And a power that starts with claiming a place and being visible.

We are artists and thinkers and social beings. Artists know a little of what it is to be different and often take advantage of its inherent strength.

At the same time, intolerance of difference and otherness is currently a huge societal issue.

Ministry of Others believes that the artist or creative practitioner is a potent but underused contributor to challenging such issues. Artistic product is one powerful offer of the culture sector but by no means the only one. The intellectual and emotional capacities of the artist can take them far beyond these confines and Ministry of Others aims to develop a more expansive view of the artist and the place they hold in society. We believe artists can bring these skills to bear to expose the beauty of difference and commonality and devise the means to create new solutions that circumnavigate stubborn problems.

Via the promise of arts, culture and humanities we aim to help people and places flourish through exploration and celebration of the riches inherently present in diversity and variety and build a culture of connection and accord that generates openness and hope.

Oh yeh . . . Ministry of Others is a new company of experienced artists, directors and producers who have always worked in the social realm (sshhhh . . . for over 20 years) . . . and there's more to follow but this page will have to do for now.

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